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GLobal Organization for a Better and Accountable Liberia


Introducing GLOBAL - GLobal Organization for a Better & Accountable Liberia

More than 167 years after her declaration of independence, Liberia remains one of the world poorest countries. That shining city on the hill, the lone star in a dark continent of Africa envisage by the founders in 1847 as a glorious land of Liberty has remained an illusion since its founding because successive leaders have been unable to rally the people around a common sense of national identity rooted in hard work and shared prosperity.  Time and again Liberia has had to rely on outside assistance for its very existence notwithstanding her enormous wealth in natural resources, abundant water and sunshine. At this moment in Liberia’s history, whole communities are been wiped out because of an infectious disease whose handling have been miscalculated and ultimately mismanaged. 

The Global Organization for a Better and Accountable Liberia is a gathering of Liberian Brain Trust across all disciplines residing both in Liberia and diaspora communities all over the world. Its purpose is to formulate programs of optimal solutions to address Liberia’s national challenges; offer professional guidance to existing government administration; identify and expose corruption, waste and mismanagement and those who profit from it; identify encourage and influence the appointment and election of better qualified stewards into public offices in Liberia; foster continues deliberations on issues of collective national concerns through awareness and information exchange, socio-economic, political and technological think tank; and market the new Liberian brand to attract capital and innovation in the development of a Liberian private sector that offers meaningful participation and profit sharing for Liberian businesses and overall economic prosperity for the Liberian people. 

Looking forward to hearing from you.