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GLobal Organization for a Better and Accountable Liberia


Introducing GLOBAL - GLobal Organization for a Better & Accountable Liberia

With all the issues going on in Liberia, we believe Liberians who care and are of like mind should begin to form a unified Diaspora/Ground effort to push for a Better Liberia.  We really need to start combining forces and sharing information to put a concerted and consistent pressure on the Government of Liberia to do the right thing or exit the stage for a Better Liberia to happen.  We cannot bore you with the multiplicity of obvious issues so we will simply share our thoughts on the direction we need to collectively embark on.

In collaboration with Liberians at home and abroad, we in the diaspora need to maximize collective pressure on the Liberian Government to seriously crackdown on corruption and start to produce real results. We believe a core critical mass of committed persons can begin the diaspora/ground initiative against corruption and bad governance. Once the organization structure is concretized, some of the activities we envision this group engaging in are:

  1. inform the Liberian people in simple terms (through stories, illustrations, videos, excerpt from audits, projects left undone, etc.) the level of corruption, embezzled/misappropriated funds, and the lost development;

  2. empower the Liberian people to self-help through information and direct intervention;

  3. make the case to the US Government (individual congresspersons, caucuses, White House), European Unoin (EU), International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank (WB), African Development Bank (ADB), and our international partners to force the Liberian government to do the right thing;

  4. bring lawsuits against corrupt government officials;

  5. bring lawsuits against corrupt companies operating in Liberia, especially those with deep ties to the corrupt cabal; and

  6. in collaboration with other stakeholders, develop a new roadmap for where we want Liberia to go and what it should be in order to benefit ALL citizens, inclusive of re-engineering government functions.
We believe a starting point is unraveling the convoluted government nepotism, cronyism, corruption, and international associates’ tree to enable a trail of the power and money exploiting the Liberian bounty.  We aim to quantify the exploitation and show all assets and controls where possible so that people can appreciate the extent of corruption in Liberia.  We need to use what the international community is saying about Government (reviews, reports, USAID Governance Stakeholder Study, International indexes, etc.) to expose the ails and the level of ineptitude/incompetence in government along with the corruption.   We need to resuscitate those audit reports and quantify the level of corruption that has gone unchecked.  We need to map the lack of public services to the various municipalities in specific fashion, even capturing videos and images (bad schools, prostitution, young pregnant girls in the villages, sick people not being treated, poor construction projects, elaborate parties, etc.) and create a video library with documentaries that show exactly what's happening in Liberia to the majority of our people while few in the oligarchy are enjoying tremendous wealth and opulence. Let's start with the current money, power, and corruption tree.

Based on your respective political acumen and exposure, we are confident that you have some facts or references about a lot of these connections and are capable of providing and sharing information that will allow us to gradually elaborate the picture? If interested, please contact:
  1. Bobby Whitfield, Australia
  2. John Brownell, Europe
  3. Cyrus Gray, US 
We believe that once you we get a critical mass of Liberians engage in this process, we will be able to finalize on how we move forward with this Diaspora Initiative for a BETTER LIBERIA and how we can be more inclusive to incorporate those who are on the ground and would be willing to participate in such an effort, fully cognizant of the backlash.  Together, we can identify more activities and develop a more formal action plan.

Looking forward to hearing from you.